Ascension to 5D is a Matter of Conscious Choice and Action

The current briefing from the Earth’s Ascension management team is very clear that each individual wishing to move to the 5D New Earth needs to “sign-on” each day and engage fully with the new energies being made available. Each individual has to exercise their own will to this end – another person or group cannot exercise their will for another, with the exception of parents and grand parents acting for their children under the age of 13 years.

The use of dramatic and emotive Christian images and concepts are insufficient to describe the highly complex metaphysical process of the Ascension of Gaia and her planetary body to the 5D level. Fundamentally, an individual grows towards living at a 5D level through personal experience, from the expression of love through an open heart-centre along with an alignment with the energetic frequencies and values of the 5D New Earth.

This New World already exists with a functioning population of pioneers engaged in the construction and development processes in partnership with Gaia. It is quite separate from the chaotic mainstream energies of 3D Earth and we are making sure that that separation is maintained. It is for each individual to choose to make the transition between these two very different worlds and undertake the very necessary personal development work required to achieve this.

We have further made a firm undertaking that each individual who makes the commitment to sign on every day and follows through will be taken to a training school environment on the New Earth at their current level. They will be given all the time and instruction they need to learn and practice the 5D curriculum, without the constant distractions, disinformation and undermining from the negative sources, such as exist on 3D Earth. Putting third grade students into the fifth grade class while pretending that wisdom, enlightenment and deep understandings can be transmitted by waving a magic wand, are not the ways of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Overall, there is nothing wrong with the Earth being cleared of negative and destructive energies along with its various practitioners, all of whom have been offered opportunities to move towards the Light, but have declined to accept. These cleansing processes on the Earth (Cataclysms) have happened every 6,000/7,000 years throughout Earth’s history. They enable a new start to be made – a New World literally – without the huge downward drag of negative beings, beliefs, intentions and the forces thus generated.

The process and practice of creating a Light Body is itself relevant and effective for those individuals creating their own evolution and seeking to move to the 5D New Earth. When performed in groups of like-minded individuals with the unified intention of Ascension, the effect is amplified for those participating. But they cannot be used with adults who are not interested or involved in the evolutionary process and who have not consented at a heart-centre level to join this Ascension process.

I am Quan Yin

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