Coming to Terms with the Transition of “Death”

Many souls in successive generations have chosen to make that disconnection from Spirit to discover what it is like and continue to do so until some, at last, reach the point of saying: hmmm, there may be something in the other ways of living and doing things. Then gradually they can find their way back and begin the process of reconnecting to Spirit.

In one sense there is all eternity for that process to continue but there isn’t “all eternity” if you want to stay on the same planet. As the Earth’s moving up now and if you want to take a lot more of “all eternity” to complete this process of moving away from connection to Spirit and then in your own time coming back again to reconnect, then you will need to do it on another planet, of which there are a number currently available. They may not be as beautiful as the Earth but they function adequately at a third and fourth dimensional level.

That’s the best response if people ask “well, what’s going to happen to all those people who don’t sign on to make this transition or don’t want to do what’s necessary to reach the 5D Attunement”? These people can continue to take time to just work out their evolution as it unfolds – they just need to be on other planets to do so.

It is one of the obsessions within modern humanity – the fear and misunderstanding around death. Within the Ancient Wisdoms, the teachers going back thousands of years have always said “There is no death”. In fact, the Spirit leaving the body is often a very joyful experience for the Spirit for they realise that they are part of a wonderful Light existence and energy structure etc.

What is often not yet fully understood is that, as the physical body begins to change after the Spirit has left, its life energy just goes into other forms. You may have seen in some country churchyards how there are beautiful trees that are transforming the energy from the physical bodies that are buried there. They transform it into a whole new lifeform, as their roots pull all the nutrients from the formerly human body that is no longer needed by its previous user – the Spirit who graduated.

Now we’re not holding our breath that humanity is suddenly going to change its misunderstandings around death, but it does help if those who are working with the Light do fully understand the process themselves. Sometimes if you witness somebody passing over, you can glimpse this joy. Other teachings describe how death in this realm is regarded as a birth as the Spirit comes back into the Spiritual Realms – so it’s a joyful event. And from the point of view of the Spiritual Realms it’s a bit of a death when you go and reincarnate in this rather variable experience known as being “alive on Earth”. It’s just a relative framework of observation and understanding.

But its really helpful for your own understanding if you’re trying to come to terms with this yourself about what happens to people who don’t make this big transition to 5D Earth, the New Earth that’s forming. None of this process involves the permanent cessation of a particular human being, around which humans might reasonably have some emotions.

We’re talking about being able to accept that some humans incarnated in their bodies at the present time really haven’t got a clue about what’s going on. It’s about accepting that some other humans incarnated have a potential still to come to understand and realise what’s going on with regard to the Earth’s Ascension, and still make a connection to it. These are just different perspectives on the same actual event.

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