El Morya Spring Equinox Message 2013

In the name of the Heart, Head and Hand, this is El Morya, greeting you at the Spring Equinox 2013.

There has been a very different energy expression this Equinox. For a long time now, the Equinox has been a time of calmness and tranquillity, whatever events may have happened in the weeks or months prior to it or the weeks and months following. This year the turbulence has increased with each week that has passed from January onwards. Things are not staying the same and some of you may be saying “Thank goodness” – while others may be feeling some nostalgic regret. Whatever your response, the changes are moving forward – the changes we have talked about for the last several years which are on record www.fifthdimensionalnetwork.net if you wish to revisit them.

We’re going to focus this afternoon on where things are now and their likely direction of movement – on how they are going to open up as this year progresses.

Gaia, your great planetary Spirit, is now quite close to making her final steps on her path of Ascension to the 5th Dimensional level. She deals with a very complex enterprise, as you might put it, creating and running a whole planet with 6 billion people, along with millions of other species besides the human race. She manages many Devic energies affecting every aspect of activity in and around the planet, including the atmosphere and the interactions between different species and elements.

It’s a very complex organisation – that’s what you take on when you volunteer, as she and others have done, to be a planetary Spirit. There is on the one hand an extraordinary scope for being creative while on the other there is a great responsibility to carry.

One reason we are pointing all this out about Gaia is because there is a recurring request (sometimes a demand) from human beings incarnated at present (particularly from those who are beginning their Spiritual quest) saying “Well, we’re not ready for change yet, so everything should stop until we’re ready”. And, nice as it would be if the goals of evolutionary life were to make things easy and comfortable (that of course could happen in another place at another time), but at this point the needs of Gaia’s Ascension are paramount and, to an extraordinary degree, everybody else in and around the planet Earth are going to have to fit in with her completion of her Ascension.

At this time, the great need is for each individual person to support her in making her Ascension, rather than making personal demands on her. It’s rather like a woman going into childbirth. She is totally consumed with delivering the baby safely and completely and you don’t interrupt a woman in labour.

That is very much the situation for Gaia – a happy situation overall, but a very intense one. The baby that Gaia is delivering at one level is the 5th Dimensional New Earth – very different from the 3 D version, but enough in common that you still would recognise the basic ways of operation. The foundation functions of life support are present: food, water, warmth, an atmosphere to breathe, along with ground underfoot which supports you.

However, beyond these basics the differences are huge. The power of an individual at the 5D level to create is perhaps astounding even to individual students here who have an ability to work at a much higher level than 3D. In saying this, we’re not seeking to emphasise how different it is. The goal of our Spiritual training programmes, including the attunements and the Dnet energy structures you have done today, is to bridge the gap between 3D Earth and the 5D New Earth. You are all currently within the 4th Dimension of transition but it is still a very long way for most of you to reach the 5D level.

As we have stated on previous occasions, on the New Earth there will be a comprehensive provision of training schools for those seeking to bridge this gap and these may operate for quite a long time period, to the extent that we experience time at all at the 5D level. There is a lot for these students to learn but no individual who “signs on” with this programme of transition is going to be “turned away” because they have not attained a particular standard at the outset, as long as they are willing to engage with the process.

El Morya’s Primary Goal

Our goal is to ensure that every individual aspiring to move to the 5D New Earth is enabled to do so, provided they are willing to do the preparatory work necessary. The reason for the preparatory work and the daily attunement is that they are pre-requisites for being able to function effectively at even the beginning levels of 5D.

The degree of focus necessary is extraordinary -- the sort you might associate with a highly evolved Lama in Tibet (or Bhutan for that matter) who has complete control over their bodily functions merely by directed thought. They have complete control over whichever thought it is that they hold in their minds at any one time. Our goal is not just an abstract concept or something that’s “nice to have if I could ever get there”. It is in fact what’s necessary to function at the 5D level on the New Earth, which has already been created and is growing each day.

What we have put in place is a series of ladders where you can climb up and work on each stage necessary. In this way, you can bring about the changes within yourself to at least step into the training schools, which we have set up on the 5D New Earth.

We’re not asking individuals to develop extraordinary skills in handling complex concepts but we do require that they are able to exercise self-discipline and follow the procedures. Not necessarily getting it right first time but being willing to persevere until it comes into form. We do require that an individual student engages sufficiently to steadily open their Heart-Centre to a free-flowing of love and creative energies, which are vital at any level, but for the 5D New Earth are essential.

As part of opening the Heart-Centre, an individual student needs to complete the process of working off and releasing old karmic patterns. So you have the programme Catherine took you through this morning – learning to release those parts of yourself which you decide are no longer needed. But it requires more than that. It requires that you re-orientate the ways you live your life to more of a service orientation – where you look for opportunities to help others to feel brighter about their lives, what ever the situation they are in. This practice is needed at all times with all interactions you have with others, however challenging your own situation. The requirement is to stay bright, cheerful and inspiring, even when part of you is feeling the exact opposite for example, in communicating with someone or an organisation that you may feel has perhaps “let you down”.

This pretty much what distinguishes those who are serious about their Spiritual growth from those maybe are putting their first “toes in the water” preparatory to a swim – “taking the temperature”, one might say. The current situation certainly requires that aspiring students be willing to jump into the water and find out directly what is the temperature, trusting that your Management Team has thought it all out well in advance and that you can afford to trust us.

Where does trust come from? Some people say that the only way that the only way you can learn to trust is by experiencing being cared for or by experiencing that an individual always follows through on what they say. Well, most of you have had very little experience of my energy (El Morya) so it’s rather hard to use that criterion to assess how much you can trust myself and other members of the Management Team: Quan Yin, St. Germain, Jesus, Kuthumi and the other participants.

Trust is something that you can feel in your Heart Centre, not in the physical heart (though that will also be affected) but in the Heart Centre, within what appears physically to be such a tiny representation in the form of the Thymus gland. It’s almost a universe in it’s own right or at least a large auditorium. It is by the expression of love and the receipt of love that the Heart Centre grows and expands. It is also through the expression of creative activity that it grows and is able to go further into more advanced endeavours.

First Challenge

So we are issuing what we are hoping will be seen as an encouraging challenge -- to look at each day and see the activities you are going to be involved with. During that reflective early morning time which we trust you all have or find, look at each daily activity however mundane and see how you can raise the energetic vibration of what you do, what you think and what you feel. Have the courage to recognise how you do that same activity, communication, process (whatever it is) in a more loving way, in a more service-orientated fashion. Above all, doing it in a way that helps people you interact with to raise their energies also.

As you all know, there is a repeated tendency and pattern within your current human society, that when things get difficult that people respond by saying and projecting just how difficult things are. And the more that happens, the more the situation descends, the more people’s feelings and spirits move towards hopelessness and/or powerlessness – depending on the individuals own reactions.

What is needed as conditions on Earth become more and more challenging – as the weather patterns impact upon every activity and situation here in turbulence, swirling and unpredictability – what is needed from people who are connected and related to Light energies is for them to hold steady, to be able to provide comforting actions, words and gestures to those who are not coping very well. We are not suggesting that you adopt the approach of a cartoon character and talk about things that “could be worse”. But find something within each situation of some positiveness or even some optimism which can be expressed and believed by the recipients.

Norman Vincent Peale was the great advocate of the power of positive thinking and positive speech. His book “The Power of Positive Thinking” is well worth re-visiting, if you should feel moved to do so. There are others who have taught about “reframing situations” – this is another useful aspect of the same process.

We talk about these very important changes required from individual humans, particularly from those moving towards the Light seeking to raise their vibration, because within this year of profound change you are all going to be presented with unusual situations which require you to be able to hold steady and keep your head, when (as Rudyard Kipling put it) those all around you are losing theirs.

This requires that you get into some quite serious preparation and alignment. The energy structures, which we have made available to you through the Dnet, coupled with the energies of alignment which will be presented in the succession of workshops we are planning to make available to you all, will provide you with that strength and power to be able to do that: to go beyond any confusion, to go beyond any sense that “this is too complicated or too much for me to handle”. And to have the courage to ask for help and assistance when you cannot find a way through what is right in front of you.

Within the 3D world, there is a point of view held particularly strongly by men, but also by success-orientated women, of being strong and able enough individually to deal with any challenge that comes up. Yet what we are bringing forward is in a completely different direction, for you are moving from the expression of individual capability and success to the very close co-operation required as a team, as a group of people having what’s needed to get through the “in your face” challenges when part of the structure of society and of the land (both of which you have assumed to be stable) begin to go through big changes: some disintegration, some modification and some evolution to a higher level of operation.

Within a society which operates to a large extent on the energy of frenzy, it is very disconcerting (as some of you have already found in your life experience) when an energy structure, a person or a work situation which you depended on, is no more. Or it’s changed to such an extent that it’s like it is “no more” – it’s like something else altogether.

It’s not our intention to sound like a prophet of doom but we are stating as clearly as possible the wisest way for you to approach life throughout the remainder of this year. What you used to do up to now, or up to the last Winter Solstice to be more precise, will not work particularly well, as these changes go further within their projected scope.

People have wondered what really happened at the Winter solstice2012. Some have said “Oh, nothing really happened at all”. They could not see anything, they hadn’t heard any relevant news reports . No houses fell into the water or got swallowed up in earthquakes – whatever the particular anticipation or expectation of earthquakes might have been.

What is happening in terms of the energy changes? The energies pouring into the Earth, along with the energies available to humanity and all the other living species, are continuing to bring about massive changes. In this world of creation, first the energy changes then the physical matter responds to it, as you can see from the weather, if you need an immediate example. We predicted that the seasons would disappear when we were talking some two years ago – this year you will experience that in “Spades”.

As this takes place, food production will be disrupted. It will still continue but it will be very different from what you are used to. Concurrently, the financial system will be buffeted more and more – it’s already in a state of extreme fragility. So the wise individual will seek new ways of looking at life activities and find new ways of operating – not because there’s anything “wrong” with the old ways, it’s just that you will find that they are no longer relevant.

Hearing this, of course each person has a choice to take it on board and begin to look again at how you are conducting your life or just choose to carry on as before, or attempt to do so. You are strongly recommended that this is a time when you need to be alert and ready to change quite rapidly in response to situations as they come up, usually without a great deal of advance warning.

By having this very strong connection to the higher energies through the Dnet, which you have all been offered and most of you have taken on board, you will enjoy a natural protection against more difficult situations as they come about. These energies will facilitate an ongoing attunement and allow you to gradually step aside as you witness the disintegration of the consumer society in all its dominance of human activity at present, in the western countries and much of the 2nd world also.

We suggested quite a long time ago to change your emphasis away from money as the prime motivation for activity, although it has a functionality in the remaining time within this 3D Earth as a medium of exchange. In various parts of the world, people looking for new solutions have come together as community groups and adopted systems of barter and direct exchange of goods and services. They have found that a much more heart-warming process comes into play , compared with merely exchanging goods and services for money. So if you want to bring a large box of vegetables to the next workshop, this will be fully acceptable!

We are saying this in the sense that working together and sharing/exchanging goods and services with others brings you together quite naturally. Within this 3D Earth, there has been something of an extended experiment in individuals being somewhat separate – separate often to the point of isolation. People have sometimes stayed in untenable or near impossible situations/relationships because of the fear cum apprehension about being alone, separate and isolated. All the discussions and arguments about distribution of income within your society are predicated on the premise that each individual is separated.

We are moving towards a time when individuals retain that identification of themselves on a Spiritual level but the co-operation becomes second nature through working with others, working with groups as a natural way of operating. There is a lot to learn (and has been learned) by functioning as a separate individual: lessons of taking responsibility, understanding the cause/effect sequence of an individual action or inaction – learning what happens next. But the direction of change is very clearly towards a new way of operating based on community and co-operation.

We do not intend or propose to tell you in any detail about the changes which are underway on the Earth for a very good reason – they are a “work in progress” very strongly influenced by what Gaia needs for her completion of Ascension. However, there has been a very strong component within the choices made by the various management teams of this evolutionary process for the development of the 5D New Earth to mitigate the difficulty experienced by humans and other species – the other living beings on the planet. It is our expression of compassion.

Each member of our management team has been through previous cataclysms (as they are sometimes called) which has been a regular feature of the history of the Earth as she evolves, going back hundreds of thousands of years. At a certain point of time, there is a big change – it’s really nothing new. But we do know what it feels like when everything around you seems like its falling to pieces or changing out of all recognition.

Second Challenge

We are making it very clear that we are here for each one of you who chooses to engage. So we pass the challenge back to you -- the challenge to ask for help, support and guidance directly. And it doesn’t matter how difficult the situation you may be facing, the assistance will be readily available and it will be effective as long as you follow the guidance.

We are speaking this afternoon more plainly because that is what the situation requires. We are not talking about Armageddon, we’re not talking about “fire and brimstone”, we are talking on an adult level about riding the winds of change, about riding the waves of change in a sensible, contained manner. We invite each one of us to join with us in this shared enterprise as we move forwards.

In the name of the Heart, Head and Hand this is El Morya wishing you beauty, warmth and joy within your lives.

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