El Morya Winter Solstice Message 2013

In the name of the Heart, Head and Hand this is El Morya greeting you at the Winter Solstice 2013 in your calendar.

We have been communicating with you at the Equinoxes and the Solstices for several years now because we were strongly aware that this period is what you might call the end of an epoch, one of those turning points when civilisations change.

As we have explained a number of times, the timing of change in terms of your Earth calendars, (Julian, Gregorian and there have been quite a number of other calendar systems) do not coincide with the sequence of events. This is how we tend to look at the process of evolution through a set of events coming into being, expressing themselves strongly and then dissipating gently until they have made the space for another evolutionary event to form, express itself and then fade away in whatever fashion is appropriate.

The way we measure progress of events, the sequence, what stage they’re at, is more in terms of a series of markers rather akin to your old milestones. So you are aware that progress has been made when you pass one of these milestones, one of these markers. And we are aware clearly that quite a number of milestones in terms of Gaia’s Ascension to the 5th dimensional consciousness have indeed been passed.

But this is a very complex situation where there are many inter-dimensional connections, many what you might call in general “side effects”, But in this case, many of these side effects are very important because they affect, sometimes quite strongly, events and situations in other parts of your solar system, in particular.

So as Gaia moves upwards, the shift immediately affects the state of living, the state of civilisations as you might put it, that’s happening on Venus. We’re talking here about the 5D Venus, not the mass of gas which your astronomers think the planet consists of. It affects strongly the 5D Mars, again the current thriving civilisation, nothing to do with the derelict hulk which your scientists have put so much effort into exploring to see what was there, once upon a time.

And it also affects the other planets - these are the two which are closest to Earth and so they perhaps have some of the strongest interconnections. But all the planets are affected, it is an enormous event within the solar system for a planet to ascend.

It’s very easy when you are resident upon this planet Earth to focus your attention just on what has happened, or what may seem more pertinent- what hasn’t happened in recent times. But one of the crucial interconnections in and around Gaia’s Ascension path is the state of humanity and also the state of the other life forms on the surface of planet Earth, and to some extent within planet Earth.
There are myriads of different life forms. When you’ve made your journeys to the centre of the Earth, you’ve been invited to feel all those other vibrations. This is part of your ongoing educational conditioning to realise that life forms are greatly varied and extensive. A few scientists have given a heads up on this understanding by pointing out that there are billions and billions and billions of insects far outnumbering humans on this planet. Humans are in the minority. It is the insect kingdom that is the vast majority of the population on Earth.

So in some ways it may appear to you, who are inevitably dealing with the concept of time, clock time and calendars, it may seem that the Ascension process has indeed slowed down. Subjectively, from a human perspective, it has been deliberately slowed for a final phase when we hope that more of humanity is going to change their priorities particularly in the western world, towards being aware of Spiritual events and Spiritual change, away from the more day to day concerns of the consumer society and the manufactured news and events, of which your media is a staple diet you might say.

And that staple diet obviously has the clear intention of acting as an effective distraction, to keep the individual human from living their individual life more fully, but also a distraction from raising the consciousness within that living fully.

So there is now, in this last phase, we won’t call it the last straight in horse racing, because we don’t expect it to be particularly straight. It will have quite a number of curves and variations, hills and valleys as you progress through this next year. But it is a last opportunity for those who really want to move to the higher levels, and to stay with this beautiful planet, to stay with everything beautiful that Gaia creates, to really engage with it.

It’s not been set up in terms of success or failure, in terms of how many people progress or don’t. It’s always looked at by the Spiritual Hierarchy in terms of “There is all eternity left to evolve“, for each individual incarnated on the earth. Similarly for each group spirit, for the animal and insect kingdoms, there’s all eternity to evolve within. It is similar also for each of the multi- dimensional beings whom are sometimes called “Higher Selves” who create souls who go out and experience life in many different worlds, some on Earth, some on other planets and some in other dimensions altogether. But there is no time constraint, except within your 3rd dimensional realm.

For some of you that might be a great relief, if you can actually take it on board; for others it may be more perplexing. What would you do without your schedule, without your forward planner? “Holidays must be booked months ahead, after all”, within many peoples collective belief.

In saying this, we’re not in any way demeaning the value of good organisation, a clear statement of priorities, looking after families, looking after situations within a business or working with an organisation. But we are pointing out that, at the 3D level which your souls all came into to experience fully at this level, it can be rather enclosing. We mean this in the sense that you don’t always get to experience some of the more unusual aspects of living which are available of this planet also.

It’s when you begin to visit or have contact with the indigenous peoples that those of you living in the industrialised societies, almost all of you listening to this message will be in that category. It is in the indigenous peoples that you have that great breadth of understanding and experience of life which is not subject to these quite severe mental constraints involved with schedules, plans and all the organisational techniques for maintaining order. We are indeed greatly in favour of order, but not at the expense of the exclusion of new opportunities.

Those of you who have been involved in business entrepreneurship may well have come across many of the exercises which have been used or tried out to help people, who are in this category of going into the future -- going into inventions, trying out quite new ways of doing things, of how they have to really work to release the constraints of the “old ways of doing things”.

You may remember that is one of the recurring phrases that Catherine has used when taking you through the Divine Feminine grounding -- using the grounding cord in the second part to release the parts of yourself which are no longer needed so that you make space for new energy to come in. A business entrepreneur is in that situation, if he doesn’t release the past he won’t have a future because a new enterprise is all about the creation of something of a living entity which did not exist before. Therefore they have to make space for it in their consciousness.

So we’re using this analogy, with which some of you may have been familiar, to recommend/suggest that this is the way to approach this coming year. We’re suggesting in particular that you may wish to review what is in your life at the moment, and begin to classify it into at least two categories and maybe more, if that’s helpful to you personally. But the broad categories are those which constrain you in opening up the scope of your livingness and your living experience on earth, and those which help you to expand, help you to move into new arenas.

We’re not talking about throwing away everything you have at the moment, were talking about like a good entrepreneur will do, they will take stock of their skills, their understandings, their resources, their personal wishes of what they’d like to create. That’s the artist part of them and, having taken stock, they begin to move forwards. So we’re suggesting that this is a very sound way of approaching your life at this point - this is the Winter Solstice, this is the beginning of the real new year and this is the kind of review which we are strongly urging you all to undertake individually.

In doing that it’s very helpful to keep in mind that as Gaia ascends she will take with her all the most positive and illuminated aspects of life on earth. These may be individual humans who have a greater Heart opening, a greater Love-consciousness, who are naturally creative, who deal with truth consistently, and who love to help others. In fact they love to do lots of things -- that’s the way they approach most interactions in life, on a Love-based approach.

She will also take with her most of the creations within the natural world. She loves them all, she had a large hand in bringing them into being with the help of a large team of Earth Elementals and Devas. She’s not going to have much interest in moving most of your cities or industrial areas. They’ve served their purpose, there’s nothing wrong with them - they’ve expressed the 3D way of living quite fully in all its different ways, and so she goes back to time for a new canvas. She’s an artist, she’s not going to “look back”, as we’ve pointed out before.

But she does love her creations, she loves all humanity and all the other living creatures, living beings, even the rocks and the minerals, and she’s delighted when any of you, and any of them, wake up and appreciate just who she is, what she does and how she feels about it all. She’s an enormously feeling person, meaning enormous in the sense of being planet-sized, rather than just human sized.

But within that a lot of her energy is the expression of her loving creation. This is very much a time to become aware that you are guests or tenants on the surface of the earth - very welcome ones, but the conditions of existing life on earth are really changing. People living in certain parts of the world have already had to deal with some very very major physical changes. Indonesia, the Philippines, that whole part of south east Asia which is sinking and even within the Indian sub-continents going the same direction. This is not a time to cling to the past.

It’s quite OK to celebrate what has been, particularly celebrate the memories within yourself of what has been. “Remember the good times” has always been a very strong philosophical recommendation for handling change. Remember the good times and then go forward into the newness. What’s in your Heart will always be yours, it will always be there, always be accessible you‘re not going to lose anything because you move on from what has been.
The concept of loss is indeed one of the greatest confusions within humanity at the current time. You might call it an emotional construct designed to create ongoing pain.

It’s very much part of the curriculum of the “University of the Negative”, to borrow the Hermetic’s term for the whole experience of living on 3D Earth. A wise person who experiences a big change in their life where something or some people, who they greatly valued, or possessions or places they lived, suddenly these move on, they’re not available any more, a wise person needs to learn the ways to handle the transition. This would not be in an insensitive way, not in a form of denial, but above all, learning within themselves to express the appreciation of what they have experienced with the outgoing person or place. It might be the ability to travel the world, maybe a beautiful car, or even your new lawnmower(!), it doesn’t matter, whatever it is that you’ve enjoyed and really appreciated, you have to develop this way of letting go.

One of the first things is to really understand and express that feeling “I’m so glad to have known this person, I’m so glad to have loved this person or been loved by them, I’m so glad to have had the opportunities in life that I have had, even though that set of opportunities has now moved on”. The next step is you have to allow yourself to feel exactly what you’re feeling, not just a wave of angst, or pain of separation but to use as my colleague Count Rakovsky – (part of St Germain, as some people know him, he definitely calls himself Count Rakovsky) - has explained in great detail in using the Violet Flame as a way of coming to terms with situations which feel for whatever reason very difficult, and situations where you need to know how to move yourself on and move the old energy out -- making room for newness.

One of his key teachings is that you break down feelings or you break down a situation which is difficult into its components. He suggests you put them up on a screen or on a washing line, with pegs, you hang them up then you look at them, then you bathe them in the Violet Flame. There are instructions on how to do this if you get in touch with us if you haven’t already understood this approach or practiced it.

Invoke the Violet Flame using his name Count Rakovsky. Say “I want to bring this Violet Flame and address all these different parts“. You find when you’re dealing with the loss of what has been, or the loss of who has been, that there are quite a number of different emotions involved in this. Sometimes it’s a realisation of how much you did love somebody and perhaps didn’t express it. Sometimes it’s a feeling of loss because you don’t feel loved as much yourself now that person has moved on. Quite often you experience the emotion of uncertainty, which in extreme cases becomes anxiety and fear. It’s really important and useful to separate these strands out because, while you are dealing particularly with anxiety or fear, it is very difficult to allow the new energy and the new situations to come into your life.

Emotions are particularly challenging to break down into their components but it is particularly rewarding when you give them enough attention to be able to do it. Very often the intensity of the emotion of apparently losing something when the present circumstances force you to move on from a situation, the subconscious mind will bring up memories of past separations which were painful and that pain has not been released or not released fully so you get a “double whammy” of the old pain from some situation way back along with the new pain or new anxiety, new fear of the present situation.

When you’re dealing with a whole planet evolving on the scale that Gaia is already on the path of moving forwards, it’s clear there’s a lot of scope for practising letting go, practising making room for newness in your life.

There’s an old understanding that, in order to loosen up the way you are when in an unevolved state -- clinging onto habits, the old ways of doing things -- you just make small changes or maybe even medium size changes in every aspect of the way you live life. If you’ve always walked down the right hand side of the street after leaving your front door and you’re going to walk somewhere, then you walk down the left side of the street. You make changes, there isn’t always one way of doing something. If you always cook something with one saucepan, maybe find another cooking pan for that purpose. It’s not which one you’re using that matters, it’s moving away from the constraint of doing things the same way over and over again.

We’re well aware that in some situations there are very good reasons for establishing a reliability, which comes from practising things in an optimum fashion, as you might call it. But this is a time when it’s equally important now to introduce variety and diversity in the way you approach life. Take up some new form of singing or dancing for example, take up a new form of exercise, practise new ways of engaging in conversation. Become conscious of how you always used to doing it.

You have now a number of tools for releasing – for example, the grounding cord going down to the spiritual centre of the earth is very powerful. The Violet Flame allows the components of a difficult situation to be treated individually, when you put them up on that screen or clothes line. This greatly helps the process of releasing and allowing the whole situation to move forwards.

For those of you working with our more advanced studies, we are going to be setting up some regular exercises, one or more times a month, and if you wish to be part of those exercises then contact us through Andrew. It doesn’t matter where you live you can take part in this. You have his email address.

And these exercises are designed to help you all let’s say get into the spirit of change. And of course you’ll still be maintaining your lives within the 3D framework as your way of affirming that you live in balance. Even though you may be aware that you’re moving towards a time of great change, this is your personal affirmation that you live in a balanced way at all times. And that balance of itself goes through the changes also. This is where the heart opening is so helpful in maintaining that balance, because as the love flows out from the heart centre it automatically creates the balance around you whatever is going on in the “wider world“ or in the broader environment with which your life interacts.

Our team in the Spiritual Hierarchy is very much aware of the challenges that you are facing. The challenge that you feel that you have changed but the outside world hasn’t or that’s how it appears. We are making ourselves even more available in this next year to enable you to draw on our resources, on our understandings and use them. You can only do that though by connecting with us.

A few of you can connect with us to some extent just by calling our names, and some of you can hear at least some of what comes back. We would love that to increase and become much more a frequent attribute within your ranks -- within your extended group to whom this message is being addressed.

So having said all this we reiterate that the ball is very much in your own court. The choice to take initiatives or not is with you. If you take initiatives or want to take initiatives we will be totally with you - open, helping, but if you don’t want to take initiatives or embrace newness, or if you just want to stay with what is comfortable, which sometimes includes a number of Spiritual Paths from the past, then there’s not very much we can do to help you but we still wish you well.

There is an important element, about which we have already expressed, of the importance of sharing with as many people as you can your understanding of the new energies coming into being. We fully understand that that isn’t the easiest thing to do. However, it is still part of the great service that’s required, and so it’s more a matter of being aware of opportunities within your social and business interaction, opportunities which may come up when you can plant a seed or two, or sometimes a bit more than a seed, a small plant.

Energy and situations during great changes will never seem to be perfect, as in the concept of perfection there is an element very often of non-changingness. Life as you are involved with it, and as Gaia is involved with it, is always about a continuum of changing events, changing situations, new life forms, and letting go of the old. And our best advice is to get used to change, though it’s not a terrible thing it becomes something to be managed in one sense, but not over managed. It needs to be managed in terms of maintaining order within change but still leaving open a space, energy, resources for new adventures, new projects, new journeys, new involvements.

You are all immensely more capable that you normally give your selves credit for and we hope as you get involved with our study programme that you will be delighted to find out just how creative you can be, that you can find solutions, and new experiences much more readily than you ever gave yourselves credit for being able to do.

The new energy flowing into the Earth, the planet, flowing into humanity this Winter Solstice contains vibrations, frequencies, feelings and understandings, all of which will help you move forwards if you take the opportunity.

You will notice as the year opens up that institutions within your various countries and in your societies, institutions which are firmly wedded to the past, the status quo, will find their continued existence more and more difficult. In contrast, those institutions and organizations, which have built into them the ability to be flexible, will be able to cope for a while, depending always on whether they have a true service orientation, or whether they are still in the old 3D mode of taking advantage of others.

There are many ways of conducting business, whether it’s commercial or governmental or professional. The big variations that we see are in those areas: is the practice Love-based, service-orientated or not? Does it add to the greater welfare of society or many people within it or is it an extraction of energy for the benefit of the few?

This is not a good time to be part of the elite who have been controlling so much. We’re not saying that it ever was a great thing to be part of, but most of you had lifetimes when you experienced it. This is a particularly unfavourable time to be part of the elite -- we won’t say any more than that.

What’s going to work very well is to be an individual who is flexible, who is service- orientated, who really loves other people and Nature -- using that as a basic reason for being alive, celebrating, having some joy. Allowing those elements to permeate everything you’re involved with, to the greatest extent possible. It does of course require discernment about choosing arenas where you are going to be responsive and receptive to those kinds of energies.

In our experience, concrete doesn’t respond very directly, for example. However much you may love it, it’s ability to vibrate empathetically is rather limited. However, with people and structures and objects made of living materials, there can be a very strong response. So use your discernment. There’s no point in putting a lot of energy into people, situations or activities which by their very nature, and the energy of which they are made, and people have chosen, cannot vibrate at these higher levels based on the open Heart Centre, based on a Love-based approach – cannot respond to what you’re doing.

If you are asked for help directly, that’s a good reason for responding. However, if you’re choosing what areas to be involved with, choose those which are going to be somewhat receptive, at least.

So this year is a time for action based on these principles, based on these values, based on the tools and procedures which we have made available so far and the ones we will continue to make available to you, if you choose to be more involved with what we’re offering.

So we leave you with our love and blessings for your forward progress in the year ahead.

In the name of Heart Head and Hand.

This is El Morya

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