The Eleven Steps to Joining the Dnet

Joining this network will provide you with the energy and support structure that you need to go to Fifth Dimensional (5D) Consciousness, as the Earth completes her Ascension. It will also enable you to protect yourself as you evolve individually. It directly connects people, who wish to advance, with the energies of the Light: Archangels, Spiritual Masters, Gaia (the Spirit of our planet) and many other Higher Beings.

In times past, the Dnet might have been described as a “Gift from God”, which it is, but we are going to focus here on its practical aspects as a tool for those seeking to work constructively with cosmic energy. The Dnet is centred on a protective Central Sphere created by specific energies of the Light, attuned so that they can interact fully with us.

As the Dnet grows, it is becoming a living network with a powerful Centre connected to an extensive web of individual spheres. Power comes from the Central Sphere and spreads out to anyone in the Dnet. The Dnet is open to anyone wishing to join who wants to work with the Light and, within that condition, everyone is welcome.

Getting Started with your Own Sphere

  1. Create/visualise the sphere of loving light energy around you, ask it to protect you against bugs, harmful and unwanted attachments or entities, but to allow in freely the good energies of the Light.
  2. Then ask the sphere to make an outer shell diamond-hard, visualize fire all around the outside of it.
  3. Create a shaft of energy passing through your heart centre and extending out to the shell of the sphere, in front of you and also to the rear.
  4. Create a second shaft of energy passing sideways through your heart centre, extending to the shell of the sphere to your left and similarly to your right.
  5. Create a third shaft of energy passing vertically through your heart centre, extending to the shell of the sphere above you and similarly below you, completing a three dimensional cross inside the sphere centred on your heart centre and extending out to the shell of the sphere.
  6. Ask the sphere energy to make the shell impervious to bugs, harmful and unwanted attachments but to stay open to the flow of good energies of the Light.
  7. Visualize an inner sphere shell about 20% of the way inside the outer sphere and ask the energy to make the inner sphere shell also impervious to bugs, harmful and unwanted attachments, while being completely open to the good energies of the Light. Thank the loving Light energy.
  8. Ask Gaia to open up her energy inside you and the sphere and then thank her.
  9. Invite Yin (a devic energy) to also open up inside you and your sphere and thank it.
  10. Ask Yang (a devic energy) to also open up inside you and your sphere and thank it.
  11. With each of these energies, bring it into being and simply overlay one on top of another. Once you have joined with everything, picture the sphere filled with bright golden white light.

You can listen to an audio walk-through of the 11 Steps at:

Second Step: Joining on to the Central Sphere

Practice using your personal protective sphere for a few days or weeks, learning to strengthen and reinforce it by tuning in for a few minutes in the morning and a few minutes similarly in the evening. When you feel comfortable with your sphere, you are invited to connect up with the Central Sphere and the full Fifth Dimensional Network.

To join with this central sphere visualize a tube or shaft extending from your outer shell all the way out to the Central Sphere and joining its outer shell. State that only the good energies of the Light are allowed into the tube and that only these ones can travel between the two spheres and enter yours. Imagine the tube full of white loving energy flowing into your sphere from the central sphere.

This procedure has been designed so that you can do it yourself, but should you have any doubts or concerns feel free to email us at: and ask to be joined to the Central Sphere. The support team will respond.

Third Step:Connecting to the full Fifth Dimensional Energy and Network

The 5D energy was quite recently made available to the Dnet when we helped to convert a portal, that had delivered earth energy for centuries, into a direct shaft of connection to the 5D energy of the New Earth. The link was simultaneously formed inside the Central Sphere of the Network. To connect up to the 5D energy, come to a day workshop if at all possible. Alternatively, just open yourself to the 5D energy by inviting it to come into your sphere and it will flow in and around you, just like the other energies from the Central Sphere. Feel free to contact the support team at the above email address.

If you wish to join with the sphere of someone else in the Dnet, it must be with their agreement. First join their sphere with yours in the same way as for connecting with the Central Sphere. Then they must also visualize you connecting with their sphere.. This kind of connection is most appropriate for close family members or close friends.

If you allow others to join with your own sphere, ensure that their protective sphere is constructed the same way as yours and that the tube or shaft connects between your spheres in the same way as for the Central Sphere connection. Allow the energy to flow into their sphere. It will be compensated for by drawing more power from the Central Sphere. State and bring into being the absolute condition that only the good energies of the Light are allowed into the tube at all times and that only they can travel between the spheres.

When you are comfortable with the connection between the individual spheres, the energy will flow both ways. You can join with as many other individual spheres as you wish, but one sphere is sufficient, as they are becoming one fully integrated network. Only allow connections that you want.

If you subsequently want to disconnect from another sphere, then simply visualize the connection vanishing and state that no connection is henceforth allowed with that other sphere, unless the shaft is formally re-instated with your explicit consent. Similarly, should you wish to leave the Dnet and take down your own protective sphere, simply visualize it disappearing.

This is all about your ability to visualize these things and/or will them into being. Please make sure you do the practice twice a day, so both the image and the actual energy structure become stronger and more powerful.

The Dnet in essence is a community of people who want to work with the Light and advance to 5D, joining with the energies of the Light that can help them.

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