El Morya Spring Equinox Message 2014

In the name of the Heart, Head and Hand, this is El Morya greeting you on this beautiful Spring Equinox day of 2014

This is the time traditionally when energies which have been sown as a foundation during the first quarter of the year, from the Winter Solstice to the Spring Equinox, when these energies begin to blossom. Not so far as bringing forth fruit but in terms of beginning to open up, to show their potential of things to come. And it‘s always appropriate in the Spring Equinox to reflect on what you as an individual have sown, what foundations have you individually laid this year, and of course the year starting at the Winter Solstice - that is always the true start of the New Year.

At this particular time period, life on Earth has been clouded during this last three months by the resurgence of political violence, which we were working to contain all last year. There had been some signs of promise that wiser counsels could prevail in the various centres of government, throughout the western world particularly. After the planned war on Syria had been averted, thanks to a number of courageous people who spoke out strongly against it, there was a new possibility pattern opening that wiser counsels would begin to prevail more often within these centres of government, where wisdom has become a rather rare commodity in recent decades.

So we have noted this resurgence of negative expression, the deliberate fermenting of violence as a way of bringing about desired changes. This has provided a different backdrop to the endeavours of those upon the Spiritual Path.

We are of course providing, for serious students, some degree of insulation from the consequences of these other activities of a destructive nature -- with the objective that all those students who wish to move forwards in this rather important year towards the higher levels of Spirituality can do so without undue disruption.

But on a relatively small planet, which the Earth qualifies as, it is hard to be totally unaffected as wars are fermented, combat happens, the withdrawal of cooperation spreads. And behind those actions there is a certain type of intelligence which is working to obstruct students of the Light from moving forwards by creating chaos all too effectively.

However, for those of you who are familiar with the concept of the two diverging paths as described by Catherine in “The Revolution of 2012, Vol. Two, The Challenge”, the dedication of a student of the Light moving along the Golden Path will provide a great deal of protection and considerable assistance in maintaining your focus. And, as part of that aligning with this Golden Path, we felt it was vital that as many students as possible are able and willing to focus on the qualities of the 5th Dimensional New Earth.

For some of you, you’ve already had glimpses of this very special place which is already under construction. It is far more than just a phrase being used in some workshops or teaching programs as yet another item in the “metaphysical supermarket”, for want of a better phrase. Those of you who have had these glimpses of the beginning experiences of actually being there, know that it is a radically different space, and that those individuals who live there at present and any who will succeed in joining them, have to take on a quite different interface with the whole experience of living.

The physical body of a 5D human is only 20% of the density of what you are used to at 3D.. They are very flexible because of that low density. They can take on whatever shape is needed for the role that they are performing. And they can adjust this vital body in other ways also.

This is far beyond any concept of 5th Dimension or 5D just being some Light that you imagine around you. Although it’s always of some value to have a Light body around you or to have some light energy around you, it’s very, very different from what we’re actually moving towards, in terms of Gaia making her Ascension, completing the work that she’s been focused on now for a while -- such that the energies of the whole planet become lined up with this very different world.

This is a completely love-based society and it’s one based on the ability of each individual human to create, and to work in co-operation with all the other living beings, living species, whether they be animals, plants, vegetables, trees, running water, the rocks, the insects - all these life forms. It becomes interactive, in contrast to a 3D human who believes that they are the only dominant species and everyone else has to fit in with what they want, and what they are doing with the Earth. At the 5D level it is a process of continual co-operation. The role of the advanced 5D human is to provide illumination, guidance and creative solutions which work for everybody involved, using everybody in that term of including all the different life forms that we’ve mentioned.

The reason we’ve mentioned the unfortunate events within the political realms on your Earth is that it seems that there may not be as much time left as there might have been had the calmer approaches developed more influence in the political world. The effect of these destabilising energies and their actions, and this return to the use of violence to achieve the goals of each faction, may well lead to an earlier conclusion of the 3D Earth. It’s not what any of us were particularly seeking. Humanity has already been given an extension so that there would be more opportunity for individuals to wake up and get to work on getting themselves ready for the 5D experience and creating this New World, and some have responded.

We’re being fairly direct about describing the situation as it has changed, that time is becoming a little short and a little constrained. There is still time for enthusiastic students to join in to the various educational programs sponsored by the Brotherhood of Light and certain Angelic groups. But we have joined together to produce the 5th Dimensional Network, the Dnet, as the most efficient and fail-safe way of achieving an individual’s preparation for the new levels of consciousness, which will be needed as Gaia completes her Ascension.

Students coming from a variety of different origins, in terms of their early learning of Spiritual matters, have found that the Dnet enabled them to pull together years of different experiences under an umbrella of a unified understanding of how the Spiritual realms interact with the experience of being human. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Buddhist, Sufi, Yogi or a Christian, or whether you’ve been within the more traditional Muslim religion, or whether you grew up on Transcendental Meditation. Within all of these there is a path forwards for an individual relating to those traditions to go deeper within themselves and that essential voyage of self-discovery.

The value of the Dnet is not only its versatility in handling people from such diverse backgrounds and bringing them into a unified experience, but it is also failsafe once you’ve committed yourself to utilising this energy structure for your ongoing progress and evolution. The management team of Archangels, Spiritual Masters and Gaia herself have provided an assurance that all of you will get through, maybe with some variation in the quality of the ride, but you will all get through.

And this is very different from the trials and tribulations associated in past times with growing Spiritually. It is important for Gaia, and it’s important for the evolution of your Solar System, that enough humans make this evolutionary step in time to step directly into the 5D New Earth.

At the moment there are, from the Western world, very few people who are anywhere near the level required. We’re not talking about some strict examiner who’s saying “Oh no, you don’t have the qualities, or your writing isn’t good enough”. We’re talking about the ability to breathe the air which is at that 5D level -- be able to breathe it and live in a balanced way. The ability to draw the nutrients from the very simple food and liquid sustenance, which is all that the people at that level actually need.

So if you’re used to three meals a day, and fish and chips, steaks etc you’re going to have to make a very rapid transition. Even if you are a strict vegan, yet your heart centre is closed, it doesn’t matter how pure your diet is, you have to open yourself up energetically to be able to fit into this new world.

The Dnet system has been designed to help those of you who are well-inclined towards yourself, well- inclined towards your fellow humans, to begin to move forwards. We will help you open up any part that at the moment is closed or partly closed. We can help you very effectively complete the opening, once you have decided that you are going to give it some priority in your lives. We are of course well aware that in a free-will zone, which the 3D Earth and 3D humanity is very much about, you have an enormously wide choice of what you choose to do in your life, how you choose to use your time. And that is your right.

One of the major points about today’s message is that, if you want to go to the 5D New Earth, you need to get to work right away, you have to give it a very high priority in your life. Because as you move into this higher consciousness it’s going to affect everything you do at the moment at the 3D level. And for most of those activities it will greatly enhance the energy you bring to those. It will bring a more love-based framework into play. It will greatly accentuate your creative abilities. If you are a healer it will greatly empower you to work far more effectively than you do at the moment. For everyone it enables a level of communication and sharing, going far beyond what you’ve known in the past. The skills of intuition and telepathy multiply and strengthen for daily use.

So this is very much a win-win opportunity, if you choose to take it. Those who have already become immersed in this new 5D energy have found their lives changing and unfolding delightfully. Strength and inspiration have replaced the anxieties, the worries and the lack of confidence that so many people carry deep down. That isn’t a criticism, it’s just what tends to happen on the 3D Earth and in 3D humanity.

So we have a solution. This is not a “crash course” but it is true to say that it is an accelerated path of advance towards a New World -- a New World which many of you have dreamed about. Faced with all the absurdities of ongoing situations within 3D humanity, you say there must be a better way for a world to operate. How could anybody be so stupid as to produce this current 3D system, these sets of rules and policies, this kind of marketplace for distributing and allocating resources, a money system which loses practically all its value every 50 years?

Many of you know deep down that this is a form of lunacy, which has become embedded within your 3D society, particularly in the industrialised economies. Fortunately, there is still the opportunity to step out of this “old world” decisively, to raise yourself up, with considerable help as needed, to these much higher levels at 5D.

Ah, but you say, “Yes, there’s lots of different ways of doing this. I only have to look at the New Age websites (and New Age newspapers in some cities) to see all the different ways I can move forwards and grow”. Maybe you belong to twelve different groups. Well, there’s nothing wrong with belonging to twelve different groups but in our experience it’s much better to focus on one Path, rather than trying to go in twelve directions at once. You get yourself spread rather thinly in that situation.

It is a natural response sometimes to a multitude of opportunities, what appear to be opportunities, to say “Well, I’ll try a bit of this and a bit of that and see where it goes“. And if you still had twenty years to explore, this would not be a huge disadvantage. But with the current situation of Gaia Ascending strongly on the one hand, and the retrograde political forces doing their best to destroy civilisation on the surface of your Earth on the other hand, there isn’t really very much time left to explore twelve different approaches.

It is of course your absolute free choice to do so, but we’re giving you a perspective from a Spiritual team here that’s been working with humanity for 100,000 years and is rather more experienced than those who are offering all these different courses, workshops and psychic experiences which are so prominently displayed on offer: “Pay your money and we’ll get you there”.

So we’re holding out this opportunity. We’re holding the door open for you if you feel a resonance with what we’re talking about today, if you feel a resonance with this kind of approach to your personal Spiritual growth, if you feel a resonance with bringing together Spiritual movement, Spiritual learning, with every aspect of your life upon the earth. It’s not a Spirituality as we work with it, it’s not something you just do in your spare time, and certainly not something you do upon a Sabbath day, whether that should be Friday, Saturday or Sunday, it matters not. What does matter is the integration of the Spiritual work, the Spiritual discovery and the Spiritual opening-up with every expression of life that you engage with.

We would suggest, based on our experience collectively from our team going back 100,000 years to the beginning of the Golden Age of Atlantis - and between us we have many thousands of specific incarnations, some of whose names which are quite well known in the historical records, that those who feel that growing Spiritually should be as easy as sitting in a comfortable armchair, or as easy as the proverbial cork floating up on rising waters, we would say that those approaches, the lazy way of engaging, that they do not produce the results that you believe that they will. If there was plenty of time you could take five years to find that out. But this is a time when more focused action is required. It’s time to make use of the Higher Wisdom which is available now. And, whatever you’ve done in the past, to regard that as the launching platform for the next stage of your journey upwards.

So we will leave these words of encouragement. We will ensure that you have the contact information, should you feel moved to make some form of response (those of you who are not already involved in the strong energy of the Dnet), that you can get in touch, find out directly what your next step can be. And you may rest assured that, if you are bold enough to take such a step, that you will have more help and assistance than you could ever have imagined, because of the poignancy of this time.

So I bid you a wonderful Spring season moving forwards.

In the name of the Heart, Head and Hand, I am El Morya.


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