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Welcome to The Revolution of 2012.net

What on Earth is 2012 all about?

The Earth herself, a great Spiritual Being in her own right, is going through an enormous transition and metamorphosis. The Earth is following this path come what may - we as individuals have the choice to stay with the Earth right through this magical transformation or find other options!

What does this mean for the human race resident on Earth?

If we want to stay with the Earth as she evolves through 2012, then we need to change our attunement to life, the way we see situations, the ways we act and communicate.

How can we best address the current potentials and possibilities?

The common factor in working positively through this period is to live one's life through an open Heart Centre. Our books go into detail about how this works and suggests beneficial approaches.

This website is designed to accompany the information presented in the books, and to provide additional resources, listings of events and host a forum of discussion.

We suggest starting with the 'introduction' page to begin to understand the ideas presented here, then proceed on to the 'vital concepts' which are condensed excerpts from the book. You may also find Andrew's talks in the 'video' section useful.

If you require any additional information, please get in touch.