Letters from Sirius

I am Sirius. I journey the universe as a servant for the light, for creation. My companions and I provide assistance to our less evolved cosmic brothers and sisters when it is most needed (usually in times of transition). We have evolved beyond linear time, we are multi-dimensional and willingly exist as part of a great interconnected web of universal consciousness which by default, is always in a state of transition.

My companions and I have visited many planets located within many galaxies. We have helped seed many places with creative cosmic intelligence, often helping to create the being or species charged with developing self consciousness. These are the beings which in time will evolve to take our place as the cosmic co-creators. Having developed self consciousness, their immediate task is to assist in the development of consciousness for the rest of the planet. There is always one species charged with this task (sometimes more).

The universe evolves through raising its energetic vibration. Periodically new energy systems arrive in solar systems so that the planets might raise themselves to a higher energetic frequency and evolve.

Ascensions that lift worlds from 3rd to 5th dimensional frequencies can be the most challenging. Beings living out 3rd dimensional lives are often constrained by linear time. The totality of their consciousness often immersed in coping with the demands of living within the dense energy of matter and the material environment. The physical body is the densest aspect of the self because it is comprised of elements. It also vibrates at the lowest vibration, lower than the other mortal bodies, the astral, emotional and mental.

You the inhabitants of planet Earth are presently in this position. Out of your freewill you have the opportunity accelerate your evolution and follow in our footsteps as co-creators. Your physical bodies are already realigning themselves so that all you now have to do is re-orientate your consciousness to accommodate the idea of an integrated multidimensional reality. We are talking about a full reintegration with cosmic consciousness, the universal matrix and the reality of functioning as a multi dimensional being.

Your home the Earth has begun to ascend. It is raising its vibration and its consciousness. The process of planetary ascension might be likened to a Rubik’s cube. At the outset there is what appears to be a random collection of events (like the coloured squares on the cube). Each phase of tectonic movement might be likened to a turn of the cube, a new configuration emerging until with one final twist, the colours realign themselves. A newly ascended Earth may well have tilted along its axis. Places that were once cold (for example Greenland) may well reside on or near the new equator whilst places that are hot now may find themselves at the new North and South poles. Ascension has the effect of freeing energy that was once bound in matter the New Earth is likely to be warmer and more ethereal. Energy is likely to flow much more freely, the 3rd dimensional reality looking very sluggish by comparison.

You are not alone and we will be with you shortly to help you move forward and make this momentous transition into multidimensional beings fully connected to the web of universal consciousness.

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