Quan Yin on Physical Communities

The reason why we strongly advocated the formation of self-sufficient communities was that it would have been a much more harmonious way of making the transition. A group of aligned people coming together in a community would have found that, working with the Spiritual Hierarchy, they could have raised their energy at a much faster rate than was possible as separate individuals. More of a 24/7 experience as those of you who have lived in community know well.

This was our proposal for humanity – that, by living in such communities, a whole group could Ascend without even realising that they were doing so. One day would follow another and the Ascension process would be just built-in. For an assortment of reasons we have not got into that situation, at least not in the way envisaged.

One of the main differences between operating as individuals (or individuals within a household) compared with living in a Spiritual Community is that it becomes of much greater importance that you make a clear choice that you want to be part of the current Ascension process. You need to communicate if you want to stay with Gaia, this great Earth Spirit, as she makes her Ascension, which is well underway at this point.

There was the great hope that the community projects would really take hold and people would realise that this was a great way to move forward and grow. We totally recognise and respect that community wasn’t what most people wanted to do, except for a few gallant pioneers.

So had the communities come into being, they would have enabled our energy to be focused in much more intensely. More and more the individuals making up such self-sufficient communities would not have had to interface with the outside world to the same extent as if you are living in a private household. So the energy environment can be raised continually and consistently. This was going to be the most painless way of making the Ascension.

Had the physical communities got going, then those individuals, who at the moment perhaps are not interested in the Ascension context, would have just been drawn into the Spiritual involvement as the focused energies just got stronger and stronger. But because you’re living separately and you get together every 2/3 weeks and not everyone can come on a particular date, it is much more difficult to create that consistency, even with the best of efforts.

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