The Light Body Activation through the Dnet

As the 5D energies available to humanity continue to open, those individuals who choose to connect to them now have the opportunity to learn how to anchor these energies within their whole body and being.

Through the millennia of Spiritual seeking and Spiritual study, a special teaching was made available to those who shared true perseverance while giving sufficient priority to their higher evolution. The procedures for using the Light Body activation were taught in stages to those students who had demonstrated those qualities.

The first stage of Light Body activation is available to the practising Dnet community – to those who have shown themselves to have the requisite qualities of self-discipline and focus. We will learn to manifest our Light Bodies and begin to integrate them with our physical, emotional, mental and astral bodies. This results in an acceleration of the cleansing and purification processes which are a key part of Ascension to the love-based 5D New Earth.

There are three parts to this work:

  1. Introduction to the use of the Central sphere
  2. Journey to your individual Higher Self and Attainment to your Light Body.
  3. Using your Light Body through the Central Sphere

You are invited to take part in a powerful exploratory programme and experience these higher energies within yourself. The session will be taught through Catherine and supervised on a one-to one basis by her team of Light Beings. Each session will run for about 3/4 hours including breaks, whether you take part in one of our UK groups or do the course in a far distant location.

For more information about the Dnet and the Light Body Activation, or to register, contact Andrew Smith or +44 (0)1749-346744

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